Side effects of steroids

In this article, we will raise the issue of the most common side effects of sports anabolics. We will analyze each of them, learn their origin and methods of struggle. After all, this is one of the most important questions of interest to athletes who use powerful anabolic substances.

Side effects of steroids

Side effects of anabolic steroids should not be underestimated, they are multifaceted and affect many physiological processes of the body. That’s why everyone who decided to buy anabolic inĀ USA should be competent and have a basic knowledge of the risk to which he subjects his body’s health.

To begin with, you need to understand what anabolic is?! In short, anabolics are pharmacological steroids (steroids) that are synthetic derivatives of sex hormones. They are used in sports to improve performance. But just like all pharmaceutical substances, in high doses or with prolonged use, are able to disrupt the physiological processes of the body, in this situation it is a violation of the hormonal balance, which consequently leads to appropriate adverse reactions. By “side effects,” we mean the negative.

Just like all steroids, steroids have contraindications. In our case, it is a genetic predisposition to androgenic or estrogenic hormones, prostate cancer, contraindicated to take steroids with hepatitis and other liver, heart and kidney diseases.

As a rule, only oily skin and light acne can be observed with proper cycle modulation and optimal dosage of substances. All other side effects are the result of high doses and misuse.

Possible side effects of anabolic steroids:


Aggressive behavior is often the cause of high androgenic steroids, due to increased testosterone levels in the body. The same effect, a person feels when taking alcohol. Aggression, as we know, is a positive quality in the training process, due to increased energy and strength, but can have a detrimental effect on social relationships. This reaction is eliminated with a regular valerian.


One of the most common effects, but it’s individual. The main factor in the appearance of acne is the athlete’s skin type. Pimples may appear to different degrees, or may not bother you at all. The reason for the acne is the increased level of androgens, which strongly stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands in the skin, from there and oily skin. There are different methods of treatment, but we recommend to make the transition to low androgen steroids at the first manifestation of the rash.


This is a medical term characterized by the development of the breast in men with glandular hypertrophy. Gynecomastia is quite common. It is usually provoked by androgenic anabolic steroids, such as di Testosterone, due to the ability to convert androgens into estrogens (aromatase). This is usually due to the abuse of androgens, high dosages and a predisposition to estrogen.

Gynecomastia can be easily avoided by taking antiestrogens or aromatistase inhibitors during and after the cycle. Such as Anastrozol and/or Tamoxifen. These steroids can affect estrogen receptors in vulnerable tissues, normalizing aromatization and estrogen levels in the blood, which eliminates the preconditions for gynecomastia.

Blood pressure rise and water retention

Steroids and anabolics that are able to retain water in the tissues, also create the effect of high blood pressure. This is due to the high level of estrogen in the body, which creates the effect of water retention in the tissues, and leads to narrowing of vessels. Take pharmacy products to dilate blood vessels and normalize blood circulation.

Stopping linear growth

Only teenagers under the age of 23 years old can be observed. This also stops bone marrow calcification.


The rarest side-effect occurring only when there is a genetic predisposition. Often, afforestation in men is caused by high levels of dihydrotestosterone. When using steroids with high androgenic action, DHT levels increase.


Anabolic steroids can increase low-density cholesterol (beta lipoproteins) and reduce good high-density cholesterol (alpha lipoproteins). This increases the risk of atherosclerosis. Oral medications have a more negative effect on blood cholesterol levels.

It is important to know that oestrogen has a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels. Here also can help sports nutrition anabolics, which are taken in high doses should be accompanied by a daily intake of omega-3 and a well-designed diet.


Anabolics, like most steroids, can be toxic to the liver. Generally, liver enzymes are enhanced by oral medications (tablets) that are 17-alpha-alkylation-alkylation-resistant and can withstand the passage through the liver, and methane and anapolon anabolics are considered the most toxic. The frequent toxicity is manifested in high doses.

When taking this kind of steroids, alcohol should be completely eliminated, as it increases the load on the liver. During the cycle, it is advisable to take Karsil.

Increasing the frequency of erections

Elevated testosterone levels increase sexual desire and the frequency of erections. This shouldn’t seem to be a cause for trouble and discomfort, but in some cases it can lead to long and painful erections, sometimes even to surgery. Do not go too far with testosterone and Proviron.

Reducing libido

The increase in sexual activity during the cycle usually results in a marked decrease after the cycle. This side effect of anabolic steroids is the result of a decrease in the production of own testosterone.

This problem can be solved by taking Gonadotropin, Tribulus and Clomid during the cycle. These steroids can stimulate and increase testosterone levels in the blood.

Testicular atrophy

Quite a common phenomenon. The reason is that the external administration of synthetic testosterone causes the body to stop the synthesis of natural dough, which leads to a decrease in testicles. The phenomenon is often found in long steroid cycles and high doses. This problem is eliminated in the same way as the previous side effect.

Abscess and various skin conditions

A common problem for athletes who take oil-based steroids with short half-lives, such as Testosterone Propionate and Winstrol. As there is a need for frequent injections, some athletes inject in the same place, which is undesirable. In particular, people write reviews about anabolics that note itching and redness in the area where the injection was performed. In order to eliminate these consequences, it is necessary to inject the substance in a new place and heat it up before injection in order to reduce the time of absorption into the blood.