Safe steroids

Nowadays, distortion of information is normal. You have probably heard the myths that anabolic steroids are extremely dangerous and kill people, such speculations of “connoisseurs” are really frightening and give the impression that there is no good to expect from taking steroids.

Accordingly, having heard about the negative, the question arises: are there safe anabolic steroids?

The safest steroidsIt is important to note that there are no completely safe steroids, as these chemicals are synthesized in a synthetic way. As well as aspirin, which is useful, but with the slightest deviation from the instructions, can be harmful. Steroids are divided into two groups, soft and heavy. Our specialists have created a rating of the safest anabolics, ranging from the mildest to the heaviest among the mildest. Selection factors include: effect, effectiveness, safety.

  1. The first stage of the rating, occupies the softest and safest steroid “Oxandrolon” in terms of quality. This steroid is able to build up only high-quality muscle mass, it can not be flavorized into estrogen, has the ability to burn fat deposits, does not dry out the joints. Anavar does not require PKT, it has almost no side effects, at very high doses can have a negative impact on testosterone production. Almost not toxic to the liver. Oxandrolone is quickly removed from the body and can be taken without problems, even by women.
  2. Stanazolol (Winstrol). Used by athletes to improve the quality of muscles, increase strength, endurance, power and speed. The drug is not able to increase its weight and is used to achieve relief, venousity and dryness of muscles. Strombafort is able to burn fat and is used by athletes before competitions. The product is able to dry joints and ligaments, which is considered an unfavorable quality due to the risk of injury during intensive workouts with large weights. Has moderate toxicity to the liver. Cannot flavorize, but can cause androgenic side effects at high doses – acne, etc.
  3. The third place is awarded to Turinabol. Able to gain muscle mass, develop strength and endurance. Has a low rollback phenomenon. Toxic enough for the liver, at the level of Metandrostenolone. “Turic” has a strong influence on the synthesis of endogenous testosterone, but only at high doses. In the frequency of side effects do not manifest themselves.
  4. Trenbolone Acetate. Sufficiently safe AAS for mass and strength gain. Not seldom appear acne, insomnia, oily skin, aggression, high blood pressure, decreased libido.
  5. Boldenon. Also applies to more harmless steroids. Increases appetite, protein synthesis, consequently increasing the volume of muscles athlete, increases the number of red blood cells in the blood. This increases the supply of oxygen to the muscle tissue and the increase in venousity. Practically has no possibility to convert to estrogen, so estrogen side effects are very rare, anti-estrogens at Equipoise course are not required. In very rare cases, acne, baldness, and other androgenic side effects may occur. Very little suppresses the production of own testosterone.

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Thus, we have a line of 5 of the safest AAS. However, in the science of doping, there is a pattern – the more harmful the anabolic, the more effective it is. On the note: some soft steroids may suppress the negative influence of other steroids. Be careful in your course design!