Level of TMS-evoked activation in anterior cingulate cortex depends on timing of TMS delivery relative to frontal alpha phase

GT Saber, James McIntosh, J Doose, Josef Faller, Yida Lin, H Moss, Robin Goldman, MS George, Paul Sajda, Truman R. Brown
To test whether the level of activation of the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) following a TMS pulse delivered to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex depends on precise timing of its delivery relative to an individual’s alpha rhythm, we developed an integrated EEG-fMRI-TMS instrument capable of acquiring simultaneous EEG-fMRI while delivering TMS pulses in the scanner. We found a statistically significant effect of BOLD signal change in ACC dependent on individual subject frontal alpha phase just prior to TMS delivery. Specifically, TMS-evoked BOLD response in the ACC increased when TMS pulse was synchronized to the rising slope of the frontal alpha oscillation.
Accepted 2 February 2018
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