Consistency of extracellular and intracellular classification of simple and complex cell

Using a rectification model and an experimentally measured distribution of the extracellular modulation ratio (F1/F0), we investigate the consistency between extracellular and intracellular modulation metrics for classifying cells in primary visual cortex (V1). We first demonstrate that the shape of the distribution of the intracellular metric χ is sensitive to the specific form of the bimodality observed in F1/F0. When the proper mapping between F1/F0 and χ is applied to the experimentally measured F1/F0 data, χ is weakly bimodal. We then use a two-class mixture model to estimate physiological response parameters given the F1/F0 distribution. We show, once again, that a weak bimodality is present in χ. Finally, using the estimated parameters for the two cell clases, we show that simple and complex cell class assignment in F1/F0 is more-or-less preserved in a heavy-tailed f1/f0 distribution, with complex cells being in the core of the f1/f0 distribution and simple cells in the tail (misclassification error in f1/f0 = 19%). Class assignment in f1/f0 is likewise consistent (misclassification error in F1/F0 = 15%). Our results provide computational support for the conclusion that extracellular and intracellular metrics are relatively consistent measures for classifying cells in V1 as either simple or complex.

Accepted 17 July 2005
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