Linbi Hong

Associate Research Scientist

Linbi Hong is an associate research scientist in the LIINC lab. She is interested in how the brain’s internal arousal states interact with the way we direct our attention, and how this process impacts our decisions. To this end, she combines eye tracking and pupillometry with simultaneously acquired neural recordings in humans.

Linbi obtained her PhD in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, and has an interdisciplinary background that spans across cognitive neuroscience, biomedical and electrical engineering. In her current projects, she studies the interplay between arousal and attention under contexts such as (1) rapid decision making of nonclinical populations under well-constrained or naturalistic environments; and (2) treatment evaluation/development for clinical populations with ineffective directing of attention (e.g., depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)).

Outside of the lab, Linbi enjoys hanging out at farmer’s markets and watching birds hop around branches.