How to take Metandrostenolone

This article mainly focuses on the detailed description of the principles of reception and modulation of cycles with Metandrostenolone. We will also tell you what methandsenolone is and answer the most common questions!

Metandrostenolone is the most famous anabolic steroid of all time. It has gained its popularity due to its high efficiency and availability.

Dianabol (the primary name of the steroid) containing “methane” was one of the first anabolic steroids, with which such bodybuilding legends as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Colombo started their careers. Beginners of our time are still following their example, every beginner chemist has a cycle of methandsenolone, which is why the demand for Methane is so high. Metandienone is one of the best selling doping agents on international and domestic markets worldwide.
Historical facts

Methandrostenolone cycle The substance methandrostenolone was first synthesized in the United States by John Ziegler in the early 1960s. At the same time, the FDA approves the medical properties of the substance, and the patent for production is transferred to the American pharmaceutical company Ciba Pharmaceuticals, which in turn is actively engaged in the development and distribution of the steroid called Dianabol.

At the moment, dozens of companies all over the world produce the substance in different forms under different brands. Methandrostenolone tablets are more widespread in USA under the name of Danabol, Metaxone and Naposim.

What is the key to Methana’s success? To begin with, it should be noted that Danabol is able to increase the volume of muscle mass up to 12 kg in a short period of time, it is associated with a positive impact on protein synthesis, Dianabol is able to increase the absorption of protein in tens of times. The result of large mass gains is noted, in particular, for “young” athletes who practice steroids for the first time, for more experienced athletes, mass gains are not much less. On average, a solo cycle per methanderstenolone may yield 8-10 kg, depending on the physiological qualities of the user’s body. But also the scheme of steroid intake plays a significant role, which, if incorrectly compiled, may not only not give significant results, but also have a negative impact on your health. Regardless of the dosage, the steroid is well developed strength and other qualities, such as endurance and energy. A lot of athletes are put up on the Internet, photo transformation with methandsenolone before and after the cycle. The effect is stunning!

Equally important is the practicality of methane intake. Since the steroid is available in oral form, there is no need for injections, which makes it even easier for newcomers to choose this steroid. Beginners are satisfied with muscle mass without any discomfort.

Despite the fact that the steroid is a highly effective anabolic, its price is much lower than that of steroids. Dianabol is always available, despite the fact that it is prohibited by the Criminal Code of USA.

Metandrostenolone instructions for use, denial of myths

Standard packing of methane – 100 tablets of 10 mg each. The developers provide for all the nuances of the cycle, and produce products close to the desired statement. As a rule, the cycle of tableted methandrostenolone lasts 4-6 weeks. To maintain high levels of active ingredient in the blood, the steroid is taken daily. The daily dose is divided into 2-3 times. Methandienon has a short half-life, so it is advisable to stretch the dose for the whole day.

Myth number 1 – often consultants themselves without understanding, it is recommended, allegedly for a lesser impact on the liver, to resorb the pills rather than swallow them. The myth is disproved by the fact that the active substance enters the blood exactly the same way, regardless of how it is absorbed through the oral cavity or the gastrointestinal tract. Everything that is saturated with blood passes through liver filters and remains there for decomposition. But still, doctors sometimes advise to take “methane” tablets, resorbing them, arguing that part of the active ingredient can dissolve in the stomach juice. Therefore, we recommend resorbing half of the dose, and take the rest inside, so the concentration of the substance in the body will be higher, and therefore the effect is brighter.

Myth #2 – the instruction states that methandsenolone, the way of application of which is oral, should be taken before meals, but if you feel abdominal pain, you should start drinking “methane” during meals. Complete nonsense! To begin with, almost all tablet forms of steroids are fat-soluble in nature, so taking methane with the food is denied, as fats slow down the absorption of the substance into the blood through the stomach and dissolve most of the substance into small particles. Stomach painful reactions can only be negative and very dangerous.

Myth number 3 – taking the entire daily dose of methane before exercise, kind of increases performance. Not true. First of all, high concentrations of the substance in the blood have a high load on the liver, and give rise to the process of aromatization. Secondly, danabol acts on an increasing basis, it is not an energetic that will give effect immediately after administration, the effect comes gradually and increases during the cycle of time.

Learn more about how to model a cycle
Metandienone before and after Methane is a widely used version of the steroid that if you take Methane on a pyramidal basis, i.e. every week at the beginning of the cycle to increase doses to the maximum, and at the end of the cycle to gradually reduce them to their original ones, the effectiveness of the steroid will be higher.

Conversely, receptor tolerance is greater when doses jump from low to high and vice versa, the system signals the normalization of anabolic processes, and the effectiveness is reduced when you start to lower the doses.

Methane should be taken without interruption and in equal doses, at certain intervals of time. The most favorable hours for the use of the steroid are in the morning 6:00-9:00 and in the evening 18:00-21:00 – at these intervals, the axis of pituitary gipothalamus testicles actively produces testosterone in men, and therefore the effect of steroid increases significantly.

  • On average, the dose for beginners varies from two to four tablets per day if 1 tablet = 10 mg.
  • Take the steroid is not worth more than six weeks, the 6th week of the cycle begins to show the phenomenon of addiction, and the properties of the steroid actively fade.
  • Take the steroid before a meal, drinking normal water.
  • Do not take the steroid before bedtime – it may cause insomnia.

More experienced athletes can increase their doses to 100 mg per day – extreme dosages that only athletes with years of AAS can afford. But even for the most experienced athletes, such doses can cause serious side effects, and even irreversible consequences. To learn more about the side effects of methane and steroids in general, click here.

After the cycle, it is important to go through PCT! This is also an important point in the use of Metandienone, do not neglect after cycle therapy, it is necessary and this fact! More information about why PCT is needed and how to produce it can be found here.

What’s the best combination?

Methandsenolone is often combined with other anabolic steroids to improve cycle effectiveness. For weight and strength cycles, use “methane” togester with Testosterone and Nandrolone. This is a basic combination with many positive effects, but alas not suitable for beginners.