Linbi Hong

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Linbi Hong is a postdoctoral research scientist in the Electrical Engineering department at Columbia University. She is interested in how different levels of internal arousal states affect human being’s interactions with the outside world.

Specifically, her research focuses on the interplay between arousal and attention reorienting under contexts such as rapid decision making and knowledge based learning. Hong uses a combination of neuroimaging, physiological and behavioral measures to acquire and analyze indices of the brain’s arousal and attentional states. By fusing measures across modalities, she investigates the spatiotemporal dynamics of the fluctuation of arousal and the development of the reorienting response.


Contact info: LH2517 [AT]


B.Eng., Communications Engineering, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, 2010

M.S., Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, 2011

PhD., Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, 2020

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